Precision Agriculture

Our Precision Agriculture solutions and Advanced Crop Monitoring decision support tools deliver actionable insights to help you optimize crop production.

Crop Monitoring Solutions

Our “Early Warning” Crop Monitoring Solutions help you mitigate problems before you see them with your own eyes! We benefit your bottom line by:

  • Reducing Input Costs through Targeted, Variable Rate Applications
  • Improved Yields through Environmentally Sustainable Practices
  • Efficient Farm Management through Data-Driven Decision Making

Comprehensive Solutions to Solve Your Farming Challenges

Track Crop Health: Continuous monitoring of crop health, as well as early detection of crop stress conditions, is critical to ensuring high profit margins.

Early Detection of  Yield Threats: Crop Stress associated with drought, nitrogen deficiency, or disease/pest infestation is identified and mitigated early for high yield at harvest.

Our Crop Monitoring Tool identifies variability across the field enabling a Zone-based Farm Management Strategy.

  • Continuous Crop Health Monitoring with Satellite/Drone Data Analytics
  • Save Time and Money with Targeted Applications.
  • Early Warning of Crop Stress and Accurate Identification of Causes
  • Accurate Risk Assessment through Historical Production Data Analysis
  • Quantitative Damage Assessment for Claims Adjustment
  • Continuous Crop Monitoring and Early Warning of Catastrophic Events
  • Specialized Crop Data Analytics based on Hyperspectral Measurements.
  • Significantly Reduce Cost and Time for Crop Scouting
  • Provide Reliable, Data-Driven Advice and Recommendations to your clients.
  • Bundle our analysis with your product sales to customers.
  • Conduct Crop Trials of New Products Efficiently and Cost-Effectively
  • We specialize in Advanced R&D for New Product Development